E-Manna - What Is It??

E-Manna - What Is It??

What IS eManna, you ask?  Manna actually means “what is it?” in Hebrew. It WAS bread from heaven that sustained and transformed the Israelites while they journeyed through the wilderness more than 3000 years ago.   These small, round, pearly white “bisquits” (sorry, no side of gravy) were “delivered fresh” daily with the morning dew. Was it tasty?  Um…let’s see.  Kind of  like the texture of a wafer dipped in oil and honey…but fresh, mind you! This was the fare eaten & enjoyed day in and day out for 40 years until the children of Israel gained adequate prospective and obedience to enter in and possess the “good land.”

Today, our manna is the living Word of God as revealed in the Holy Word, the Bible.  This book of “God’s breath”  reveals not only God Himself  but Christ, man, the past and the future (no need for fortune tellers, palm readers or soothsayers, folks), but more than any other item it speaks the very life and Spirit of God into those who would “eat” of it.   When we open ourselves to partake of the nourishment … the food and drink it provides … it gives not only revelation, but it becomes the indestructible seed of life that strengthens and transforms our inward being.  “Deep calls unto deep”…and the Word of God is God’s breath – the all-inclusive Spirit of Jesus Christ – that infuses our human spirit with all God is.

eManna  is the Information Highway’s instantaneous “delivery system” of the Word of God as the bread of life by e-mail on a daily basis. It mere moments this free service will infuse your human spirit with the divine nature with a few verses of Scripture and a brief paragraph or two of ministry published by Living Stream Ministry.  All believers are members of the universal Body of Christ, without regard to denomination and/or affiliation and  the rich supply of the Word according to  God’s New Testament economy is your rightful inheritance.  So take and eat.  After all, God became a man so that man may become God in life and nature (NOT in the Godhead, of course).  If you want to have better eyesight, you eat lots of carrots … if you want to ‘grow’ the divine nature and life within, eat lots of  “manna”.

You can check here daily OR get your ‘daily dose’ which will innoculate you against the Enemy and his many ‘germs’ in this spiritual warfare called “Your Life” by subscribing to eManna, yourself.  http://www.emanna.com  Eating and drinking was never this easy – or this good.  Come and dine ~ get adequately prepared & supplied to ride the white horse.

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog-World.  This online journal will appeal to all ages and all stages of life simply because it is written with a view and voice for all people in all places.

Seizing the Day (Carpe Diem) has always been my motto for living…just as the saying “If its going to be, its up to me”.

Take this opportunity to think about the value you can add to the Information Highway by getting a BLOG of your own.  Create content to add richness and vitality to ANY part of the world!

Be blessed with health, wealth and wisdom.  I’ll be adding entries on a regular basis, so stay-tuned.  You just may read or hear something that will change your life and/or lifestyle for the better!